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eo SwimBETTER is available to pre-order right now with shipments due to commence in January 2023.

  • Handsets: This is your one-time cost. Choose either eo SwimBETTER15 or eo SwimBETTER90. Between downloads, these guys record up to 15 or 90 minutes of data respectively.  
  • Licence: You’ll need one of these for every swimmer, allowing them to download, review, and store their swim data in their eo Account. Go for a Gold or Silver Individual Licence, or a Team Licence for six or more swimmers. These can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

Check out all options and costs for handsets and licencing on our product pricing page.


Absolutely. You can login to your eo Account and purchase a licence anytime. If you purchase yours now, we won’t activate it until your handsets have been safely delivered. You will need a licence before you can start uploading and reviewing your swim data.

Secure your eo SwimBETTER handsets with a non-refundable* 10% deposit when you order.

*Don’t worry – if for any reason we’re not able to fulfill your pre-order, your deposit will of course be refunded in full to your original payment method.

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee gives you a couple of weeks to have your goggles knocked off by just what these tiny devices can do. After that all purchases are final and returns will only be accepted for faulty products in accordance with our Refund and Returns Policy.

eo SwimBETTER is due to ship in January 2023. As with all manufacturing, there is a possibility that circumstances out of our control will affect this. Any delivery delays will be communicated as soon as we know of them.

We’ll be taking the balance from your original payment method immediately prior to shipment. But don’t worry, we won’t surprise you – once we have a shipping date confirmed we’ll give you a heads up by email.

Your eo SwimBETTER will be shipped by DHL courier within three business days of your final payment. In most cases, shipment should take between three to five business days to arrive. But we’ll email you tracking details so you can see for yourself.

You came to the right place. eo SwimBETTER is currently only available here on our website.


The data is currently most accurate for freestyle. You can still record your backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly now, with data analysis improving for these strokes as we progress development.

Yes, absolutely. But each swimmer will need their own licence. You won’t be able to tell data apart if you download other swimmers’ data into your account.

We don’t recommend this. The swell can affect the accuracy of your data, and it’s also a little difficult to calibrate your direction as the handsets do not include a GPS. You will still be able to analyse your stroke, but the data will not be as accurate as if you were swimming in a pool.

There’s no technical reason why you can’t – but check with your event organiser first, just to be safe. We’d hate to see you get a DQ.

To enable enough data to be collected, we recommend use in pools that are 25 metres / 25 yards or longer.

Yes, they are. Tell them apart by the big L and R on the back of each handset.

eo SwimBETTER90 lets you record data for up to 90 minutes between downloads. While with eo SwimBETTER15 you can record data for up to 15 minutes.

Download the eo App to your phone from either the App Store or Google Play, ensure Bluetooth® is enabled and your handsets are turned on, open the eo App then click Sync data from devices and follow the on-screen prompts. 

You can view data directly on your phone or, to see it in more detail, login to the eo Platform from your laptop or tablet. Your swims must be uploaded to your phone first though before you can view them on the Platform. 

Our data download speed is approximately 10 seconds per five (5) minutes of data. Once your data has been downloaded to your eo App, it goes into the Cloud to be processed and turned into charts. The number of swims, distance and number of laps impacts the processing time, so sit tight. It might take a few minutes, or a little bit longer in some cases, for your swims to appear under Your swim sessions.

Once you download your data it is immediately deleted from the handset so you can record more. Your downloaded data is stored securely in the Cloud and is accessible anytime from your eo Account.

Access your eo Account via the eo website - click the "Login" button in the top right. If you're already logged in, the button will change to "Profile".

Between charges you can expect around three (3) hours of recording. Your handsets will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to maximise the battery power. Don't forget, if this happens during a training session, you'll need to take Pool Orientation again before you can record another swim. 

You’ll receive two charging clips and charging cords with your handsets. Simply connect a charging clip to your handset (you’ll see the charging point on the inside of the sensor band) then plug one end of the charging cord into the charging clip and the other end into any USB-C charging port.

You can download the eo App from the App Store or Google Play. Simply click one of the links or search for eo SwimBETTER in the respective store.

The eo App works on both iOS and Android.

You can view your data in the eo App or on the eo Platform after it has been uploaded to the eo App. The eo App allows you to track your progress on the go with a quick dip into your swim sessions. The eo Platform gives you a deeper dive into your data for further insight and will allow you to compare swims by overlaying data from your history.

You can download the eo App from either the App Store or Google Play

You can access the eo Platform here or by typing swimbetter.eolab.com into your browser.

Your log in details for both the eo App and Platform are your eo Account details (email and password).

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