Drop us an email at support@eolab.com – we’ll get back to you within one business day.

You will require an eo membership to record your data. We are constantly enhancing the platform and user experience and your membership allows you to access all ongoing system innovations, upgrades and new features and covers storage costs of your data and any videos you upload to the platform to sync with your data.

Yep, it sure is. eo SwimBETTER is approved for use in any World Aquatics pool event.

You can see the full list of World Aquatics approved wearables here

eo SwimBETTER is available to purchase right now. Your handsets will ship within five business days of order.

  • Handsets: This is your one-time cost. Choose either eo SwimBETTER15 or eo SwimBETTER90. Between downloads, these guys record up to 15 or 90 minutes of data respectively.  
  • Membership: You’ll need one of these for every swimmer, allowing them to download, review, and store their swim data in their eo Account. Go for a Gold or Silver Individual Membership, or a Team Membership for six or more swimmers. These can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

Every handset purchase comes with some free time on your membership so you'll have a chance to get the hang of them and understand all the mind-blowing data. You'll get six months free on a single membership if less than six memberships are purchased OR one month free on every team membership when you buy six or more memberships. 

Check out all options and costs for handsets and licencing on our product pricing page.


Absolutely. You can login to your eo Account and purchase a membership anytime. You will need a membership before you can start uploading and reviewing your swim data. If you purchase your membership after your handsets, the first membership purchased on the same account as your handsets will have the free period allocated. 

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee gives you a few of weeks to have your goggles knocked off by just what these tiny devices can do. After that, all purchases are final and returns will only be accepted for faulty products in accordance with our Refund and Returns Policy.

All orders are shipped within five working days by Express Post (within Australia) or DHL Express (outside Australia). In most cases, shipment should take between three to five business days to arrive. But we’ll email you tracking details so you can see for yourself.

You came to the right place. eo SwimBETTER is currently available here on our website. If you happen to be based in North America you can also purchase from Swim Outlet at: https://www.swimoutlet.com/collections/eo-swimbetter


You can watch our explainer video which talks through all the different data and provides some tips on how to analyse your own. We're also offering free, one-on-one Zoom sessions with one of our data experts (we call them data whisperers). If you'd like to book one of these in, send us an email at: support@eolab.com and we'll get back to you to arrange a suitable time. Please note, we will need to request access to your data for this session, but it will only be viewed by the data whisperers.

If you're just interested in understanding the data from a specific metric, see the broken down explainer videos below - there's one for each metric:


Stroke Rate & Force

Force Field

Stroke Path & Hand Velocity


Stroke Phases

Force vs Time

The data is currently most accurate for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. We’re working on our algorithm to detect and analyse breaststroke. We expect to release it in late 2024.

The short answer is yes, but it comes with a couple of limitations: 

Firstly, data is presented by lap. Naturally there is no ‘lap’ in an endless pool, therefore, the data is visualised as one long lap - the length of course depends on how long the recording goes. 

Secondly, data processing can become problematic for laps that are too long. Therefore, when using in an endless pool, we recommend limiting each recording to 10 minutes. You can record multiple 10 minute laps in a session.

If you have any questions on use in an enless pool, please don't hesitate to email our customer service team at: support@eolab.com

Not just yet, but an archiving feature is coming soon. In the meantime, you can limit the number of swims displayed by applying a search filter to the list. You can filter by date range, pool type and swim distance.

Yes, absolutely. But each swimmer will need their own membership. You won’t be able to tell data apart if you download other swimmers’ data into your account.

We don’t recommend this. The swell can affect the accuracy of your data, and it’s also a little difficult to calibrate your direction as the handsets do not include a GPS. You will still be able to analyse your stroke, but the data will not be as accurate as if you were swimming in a pool.

eo SwimBETTER is approved for use in any World Aquatics pool event. You can see the full list of World Aquatics approved wearables here

So, there’s no technical reason why you can’t – but check with your event organiser first, just to be safe. We’d hate to see you get a DQ.

To enable enough data to be collected, we recommend use in pools that are 25 metres / 25 yards or longer.

Yes, they are. Tell them apart by the big L and R on the back of each handset.

eo SwimBETTER90 lets you record data for up to 90 minutes between downloads. While with eo SwimBETTER15 you can record data for up to 15 minutes.

Download the eo App to your phone from either the App Store or Google Play, ensure Bluetooth® is enabled and your handsets are turned on, open the eo App then click Sync data from devices and follow the on-screen prompts. 

You can view data directly on your phone or, to see it in more detail, login to the eo Platform from your laptop or tablet. Your swims must be uploaded to your phone first though before you can view them on the Platform. 

Our data download speed is approximately 10 seconds per five (5) minutes of data. Once your data has been downloaded to your eo App, it goes into the Cloud to be processed and turned into charts. The number of swims, distance and number of laps impacts the processing time, so sit tight. It might take a few minutes, or a little bit longer in some cases, for your swims to appear under Your swim sessions.

Once you download your data it is immediately deleted from the handset so you can record more. Your downloaded data is stored securely in the Cloud and is accessible anytime from your eo Account.

Access your eo Account via the eo website - click the "Login" button in the top right. If you're already logged in, the button will change to "Profile".

Between charges you can expect around three (3) hours of recording. Your handsets will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to maximise the battery power. 

If you think your battery needs replacing, please contact our customer service at: support@eolab.com for further instructions. A special tool is required to remove the back of the handsets to get to the battery, and it needs to be torqued to a specific level to ensure no water ingress after replacing, therefore please do not take them to a watchmaker without contacting us first as this may void your warranty.  

You’ll receive two charging clips and charging cords with your handsets. Simply connect a charging clip to your handset (you’ll see the charging point on the inside of the sensor band) then plug one end of the charging cord into the charging clip and the other end into any USB-C charging port.

You can download the eo app from the App Store or Google Play. Simply click one of the links or search for eo SwimBETTER in the respective store.

The eo app works on both iOS and Android.

You can view your data in the eo App or on the eo Platform after it has been uploaded to the eo App. The eo App allows you to track your progress on the go with a quick dip into your swim sessions. The eo Platform gives you a deeper dive into your data for further insight and will allow you to compare swims by overlaying data from your history.

You can download the eo App from either the App Store or Google Play

You can access the eo Platform here or by typing swimbetter.eolab.com into your browser.

Your log in details for both the eo App and Platform are your eo Account details (email and password).

This will falsely report the length of your swim by either halving or doubling it. For instance, if you swim in a 50m pool, but enter the pool as only 25m, it will look like you've swum a lot less than you have. It will also mess with your distance per stroke (DPS) calculation as this is based on the length of the pool you're swimming in and the number of strokes you've taken. 

Nope. Starting and stopping recording needs to be done with your hands out of the water. The rest of you can be submerged, but your hands need to be out as the handsets need to take a background air-pressure measurement. 

Our software analyses your swim data to intelligently determine your actual swim time, so you can leave the stopwatch at home. But there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. After you have started the recording (LEDs are flashing green), the software waits for you to push off before the timer begins. To trigger the push-off, both hands need to be underwater for at least 2 seconds.
  2. The software also looks for 2 seconds of continuous submersion to detect a lap change ie. gliding into and/or out of the wall.
  3. When you finish your swim, or are taking a rest between laps, stop your recording with a double press of one button. When you're ready to go again, start a new recording by double pressing one button again. This will keep your data clean and ensure it doesn't get corrupted by any sculling movements or non-swimming hand actions you might make while you're catching your breath.

No, we'll let you catch your breath first. The handsets will recognise the end of your swim by one or both hands exiting the water for 2 seconds or more, then you can double press one button to stop the recording. To keep your data clean and ensure it doesn't get corrupted by any sculling movements or other non-swimming hand actions you might take between laps, we recommend you stop and start your recording or keep both hands out of the water during rest periods. 

You sure can. Your data will stay on your handsets until it's downloaded, but don't wait too long or you might run out of recording space. Plus, it's super interesting and motivating to check your data after each session. On a side note, if keeping accurate records of data and time of each swim is important to you, make sure you manually adjust the time and date of your swim along with the location, because the default will be the time and date your App downloaded the swim off the handset as opposed to when you actually recorded the swim.

Unfortunately not. Water needs to flow freely around the pressure sensors on the top and side of the handsets to accurately measure your force. Paddles will obstruct the sensors and deteriorate the quality of your data.

Yes they will. Your latest swim will always appear at the top of your list. If you have multiple distances ie. 25m, 50m, 100m they'll be shown in order within each section. If you're downloading multiple swim files at once from the same session, tick the "Apply to all swims" box when you add in your stroke, location, date, and time. This will download and present your swims in your swim summary in the order they were swum.

This allows you to mark a swim as one of your "favourites". The system automatically favourites every swim during uploading, but you can change this by clicking the star icon - turning it from red to white. A red star means it's a favourite swim and is included in your dashboard metrics. A white star means it is not. You can star as many swims as you like. 

It means there's a firmware update available. To run this, put both of your handsets on charge, click "Device setup" from the main menu in the app and then click "Check for handset update". Here's a 60 second video tutorial to help you. 

This is easy. With your handsets turned on, log in to your eo app and select "Sync data from devices" from the main menu. Connect your handsets, if they aren't already, and you'll see the battery level appear.

We've worked some magic in the algorithms that mean you no longer need to take Pool Orientation before you swim. Ensure your handset firmware is updated to the latest version - and you can skip this step forever more. Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to update your firmware. PS: make sure your app is also up to date as well. We recommend turning on automatic updates. 

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