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The fastest way to improve your swim is to improve your technique.

Accurately quantify your technique right on the pool deck. With eo SwimBETTER you can measure the applied force of your hands in up to six directions with a device small enough to fit in your palm. It’s a game-changing moment for the sport.

eo’s scientists developed SwimBETTER for:

Swim Coaches

to enhance your eye and inform your gut with never-before-seen data insight.


to reduce the time between stroke analysis and intervention so you swim faster… faster.


to become more efficient and effective in the swim leg, conserving your energy for the bike and run.



Available with either a 90 or 15-minute recording capacity, there’s an eo SwimBETTER to suit individual swimmers, squads, teams, long distance swimmers and triathletes.

We love the smell of chlorine in the morning.

eo SwimBETTER starts from US$799 plus eo licence.

10% deposit | 14 day money back guarantee

Free express shipping | no licence fees for the first six months

Radically accelerate your progress with eo SwimBETTER and secure yours now with a 10% deposit. Plus, we’re so sure it will knock your goggles off that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee on every order. First round orders were shipped in January and pre-orders have begun for the second round due to ship in mid-2023.

An eo SwimBETTER licence is required for every swimmer to download and store their data. Gold and Silver Individual Licences, and Team Licences for six or more swimmers, are available and can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Your licence will be automatically activated upon delivery of your order.

Your first six months of licence fees are on us.

We're covering the first six months of your licence fees - it's our way of welcoming you to the eo family.

Never lose track of your data. Ever.

Your eo licence allows you to download and view your accumulated swim data and keep it all safe and secure in one place. No matter if you leave your team or club, you’ll never lose access. Whenever you want to dive into your data, simply log in to your eo Account.

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Product overview

  • View a summary of your swim history by date, time, and distance.
  • See your KPIs for each session: total laps, distance, time, number of strokes, distance per stroke, average stroke rate and average force per stroke.
  • Your KPIs are always visible so you can easily toggle between swims to compare your progress.

See an overview of key metrics for your favourite swims.

Graphs showing your performance trends for each metric are coming very soon.

WHY MEASURE: Everyone has a stroke rate that suits them best. Increasing stroke length while holding your stroke rate will increase your overall speed. You will see performance improvements by reducing your force while maintaining the same lap times (more efficient) or swimming faster with the same force production (more effective).

GOAL: To refine your technique over time, aim to reduce your effort while maintaining swim speed, or swim faster with the same effort.

  1. View the total force applied by each hand in every stroke (bar chart).
  2. Includes an average force per stroke.
  3. See your average stroke rate per lap (line graph).
  4. Dissect each lap individually.

WHY MEASURE: The force field shows how you are distributing the forces that you produce when swimming.

GOAL: Aim for a narrower force field with most of the force directed to your feet ie. high propulsion and low hand drag. This will produce a faster swim time.

  1. See your force distribution in six directions – propulsive (forward), hand drag (back), left, right, up, and down. Gold licence holders will see this stroke by stroke. Silver licence holders will see an average per lap.
  2. Impulse = total force measured for that stroke. The key is to keep this consistent across all strokes.
  3. Measure your propulsive force and compare the amount of forward propulsion vs drag on each stroke. Aim to increase propulsion and decrease hand drag.
  4. Navigation aid allows you to choose which lap to view, the total time of the lap and where in the lap each stroke was taken.

WHY MEASURE: Refining your stroke path can increase the amount of forces propelling you down the pool and get you swimming faster.

GOAL: Keep your hand path relatively close to the centre line of your body and learn how to effectively use the water for propulsion through each segment of your stroke to help maximise your distance per stroke.

  1. Analyse the path of each individual swim stroke broken down into Glide, Pull and Recovery from the side (depth), above (in/outsweep) and head-on.
  2. Use the slider on the right to see your hand depth at any point in the stroke. If you have a gold licence, you will also see your hand speed.
  3. See how long your hand is in the water for each stroke.

WHY MEASURE: Understanding the phases of your stroke allows you to look at left-right asymmetries and adjust your timing to maximise the propulsive time and maintain swim speed.

GOAL: Aim to minimise left-right differences in timing. Smooth out the force application to your stroke across the left and right arms.

  1. Breakdown the glide, pull and recovery phases of every stroke.
  2. View data as individual left and right strokes and lap averages.
  3. See average phase time as a percentage of overall stroke time.
  4. Includes your average stroke rate.

WHY MEASURE: Consistency of technique is often a measure of a better swimmer. The more consistent your technique the more effectively you should be able to make and track changes.

GOAL: Try to reduce the variations between strokes throughout the stroke. Remember turning your head to breathe will impact consistency, consider making consistency measures while using a snorkel.

  1. Compare your stroke path consistency - depth, in/outsweep and head-on within each lap.
  2. Overlay your stroke maps and challenge yourself to reduce the variation.

The Force vs Time chart provides a serial trace of the positive and negative forces produced by each hand during your swim. 

In this chart, you can see the total force of each hand at any point of the stroke, as well as isolating the view into positive and negative components of forward, vertical or lateral forces.

For clearer analysis, we recommend zooming in on this chart in your eo App or on the eo Platform so you’re viewing only a couple of strokes at a time. Use the slider at the top of the chart on the eo Platform to do this. On the eo App, pinch and drag your fingers across the screen.

Comes with two eo SwimBETTER handsets, a pair of straps, two eo charging clips, two USB-C charging cables, a tiny towel to dry off your handsets, and a storage case.

Fit is based on the width of your palm. You’ll be asked for this measurement at checkout so we can include the correct sized Velcro straps with your handsets.

Your eo SwimBETTER handsets are water resistant to 30 metres / 100 feet and can be used in chlorinated and salt water.

We have two sizes available. Between downloads, eo SwimBETTER90 can record up to 90 minutes of data and eo SwimBETTER15 records up to 15 minutes.

Once you download your data it is immediately deleted from the handset so you can record more data. Your downloaded data is stored securely in the Cloud and is accessible anytime from your eo Account.


Each eo SwimBETTER handset weighs in at just 30g / 1.06 oz. That’s about as much as a slice of bread.

Each handset has a charging point on the side. Attach a charging clip to this point, plug in the charging cord then connect into any USBC charging port.

Use eo SwimBETTER to understand the impact breathing earlier in your stroke can have on your swim speed.

Increasing your rating while maintaining power and stroke length will make you a faster swimmer. Use eo SwimBETTER to examine your stroke phases and find gaps between strokes.

eo SwimBETTER can show if overreach is an issue with your stroke and slowing you down.

Find out how eo SwimBETTER can help ensure your arms are following the right path to optimise your propulsive force.

Use eo SwimBETTER to master your reach and catch and watch your freestyle become smoother, stronger, and faster.

Use eo SwimBETTER to improve your force distribution and increase forward propulsion.

“The ability to measure the forces and direction of forces that an athlete applies to the water is the holy grail of improving elite swimming performance.”

Ian Burns, Former Director of Applied Technology &
Innovation, Australian Institute of Sport.


Access your data anytime on both the eo SwimBETTER App or Platform.

The eo SwimBETTER App

Track your progress on the go with full views of your historical swim data. You can also see an overview of key metrics for your favourite swims on your Dashboard.
Download the eo App by clicking one of the icons below or search eo SwimBETTER in the App Store or Google Play.

The eo SwimBETTER Platform

View your data in more detail on the eo Platform with larger views of your charts. If you're a coach, or team admin, you can invite swimmers to join your team, split your team into squads, allocate swims in training to particular swimmers and keep track of their historical data. To access the eo Platform, head to swimbetter.eolab.com and login with your eo Account details (email and password).



Innovation contributors

eo’s scientists have worked with some of the best minds in swimming to develop eo SwimBETTER, including:


eo SwimBETTER Product Head

Brant Best

Swimming Queensland, Coaches' Coach

Brenton Ford

Founder, Effortless Swimming


Honorary Associate Professor of Exercise Science, University of Sydney

Jonty Skinner

Former World Record Holder, US-Based Elite Coach

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