The fastest way to improve your swim is to improve your technique.

Accurately quantify your technique right on the pool deck. With eo SwimBETTER you can measure the applied force of your hands in up to six directions with a device small enough to fit in your palm. It’s a game-changing moment for the sport.

eo’s scientists developed SwimBETTER for:

Swim Coaches

to enhance your eye and inform your gut with never-before-seen data insight.


to reduce the time between stroke analysis and intervention so you swim faster… faster.


to become more efficient and effective in the swim leg, conserving your energy for the bike and run.



Available with either a 90 or 15-minute recording capacity, there’s an eo SwimBETTER to suit individual swimmers, squads, teams, long distance swimmers and triathletes.

We love the smell of chlorine in the morning.

eo SwimBETTER starts from US$799
plus eo membership.

30 day money back guarantee | Free express shipping | Free periods apply on some memberships

Analyse, adapt and accelerate your progress with eo SwimBETTER. We’re so sure it will knock your goggles off that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on every order.

An eo SwimBETTER membership is required for every swimmer to download and store their data. Gold and silver memberships, and team memberships for six or more swimmers, are available and can be paid on an annual or monthly basis. Your membership is automatically activated upon delivery of your order.

Every pair of handsets comes with some free time on your membership.

When you purchase a pair of eo SwimBETTER handsets, we’ll cover some of your membership fees to give you a chance to get the hang of them and understand all the mind-blowing data:

  • Six months free on a single membership if less than six memberships are purchased with any pair of handsets – your membership can be purchased at the same time as the handsets or later. If the membership is purchased later, the free period will be added to the first membership purchased on the same account as the handsets.
  • One month free on every team membership (six or more memberships) when purchased with any pair of handsets.
Never lose track of your data. Ever.

Your eo membership allows you to download and view your accumulated swim data and keep it all safe and secure in one place. No matter if you leave your team or club, you’ll never lose access. Whenever you want to dive into your data, simply log in to your eo Account.

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Product overview

Track your performance in the pool at a glance with a trendline showing your progress over time across a range of different metrics including: Force per stroke, Stroke rate, Distance per stroke, Strokes per lap, Time, Average velocity, and Propulsion.

Watch our video: Dashboard data explained

Improve your efficiency at different speeds.

Measure your total force output alongside your stroke rate and, for the first time ever, see the variations in your force as your stroke rate changes. Push for progress by reducing your force while maintaining the same swim speed and show evolution who's boss. 

Watch our video: Stroke Rate & Force data explained

Swim faster by understanding your force distribution.

See how your force is distributed - helping you adjust your technique and optimise your propulsion by cutting unnecessary force and wasted energy. That's the science of defiance. 

Watch our video: Force Field data explained

Hand at the right depth? Pushing across your body? Sweeping too wide?

Pin down where you can progress by tracking the path of your hand through every phase of your stroke - from the front, side, and top down. Identify areas of your stroke that may be compomising your speed and efficiency. With a Gold membership, you can even see your hand speed at any point. 

Watch our video: Stroke Path & Hand Velocity data explained

Identify your propulsive time.

Break down the glide, pull and recovery phases of every stroke to see the percentage of your overall stroke spent in each phase. Optimise your glide and pull phases to level up your swim. 

Watch our video: Stroke Phases data explained

Be better more often.

Consistency is key. Get an instant comparison of yours by selecting any number of your left and right strokes to see an overlay of their paths. Allowing you to identify any degredation under fatigue, changes at varying speeds, and anomalies. Consistency of good technique will get you swimming faster... faster.

Watch our video: Consistency data explained

Find your missing link.

Dive deeper into your force measurement - pinpointing your strokes strengths and where you're losing force. Seeking that extra level of detail? Get a moment by moment understanding of changing forces within each stroke so you can wave your limits goodbye.

Watch our video: Force vs Time data explained

Here's what you get: two eo SwimBETTER handsets, a pair of straps in your selected size, two eo charging clips, two USB-C charging cables, a pair of eo sunscreens to clip over your handsets when you're swimming outdoors, a tiny towel to dry off your handsets, and a storage case.

Fit is based on the width of your palm. You’ll be asked for this measurement at checkout so we can include the correct sized Velcro straps with your handsets.

Each eo SwimBETTER handset weighs in at just 30g / 1.06 oz. That’s about the same as a slice of bread.

Our handsets operate in fresh, chlorinated and salt water and up to 30 metres / 100 feet deep. eo SwimBETTER performs wherever you do. 

eo SwimBETTER90 records up to 90 minutes between downloads, while eo SwimBETTER15 records, you guessed it, up to 15.

Getting connected is simple. Your eo SwimBETTER communicates directly with the eo app using Bluetooth®.

Access your downloaded data anytime through your eo account, where it's stored securely in the Cloud. Once downloaded, your data is wiped from the handset so you can dive back in and record again. 

You can expect around three hours of recording between complete charges. Your handsets maximise the battery by automatically turning off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Clever. 

Just attach the charging clip to the charging port on the side of your handset, plug in the USB-C charging cable and power up. You're fully charged when the LEDs stop flashing.

Need help analysing your eo SwimBETTER data? Watch our explainer for a step-by-step walk through each metric. You’ll pick up some pointers on things to look for in your data and some suggestions on tweaks you can make to swim faster... faster.

This video runs for 20 minutes, so if you’d prefer to focus on just one or a few metrics, check out the other videos below.

A quick breakdown of the home of your progress - your eo SwimBETTER Dashboard. Provides instructions on how to include and exclude swims from your dashboard metrics. It also includes advice on how you want to see each of your trend lines progress.

Breaking down the most basic of the eo SwimBETTER metrics – Stroke Rate & Force. Understand what to look for in your data and some tips on how to improve your swimming efficiency.

In the eo SwimBETTER Force Field explainer, you will discover how your forces are distributed across six different vectors. You will also learn how to improve your force distribution to improve swim speed. 

Understand how to read your eo SwimBETTER Stroke Path and Hand Velocity data and discover ways to refine your stroke path to improve your force distribution.

Learn how your eo SwimBETTER Consistency data can help you instantly pick up any anomalies in your stroke.

Understand what the eo SwimBETTER Stroke Phases data can tell you about the different phases of every one of your strokes.

The most interesting of the eo SwimBETTER metrics, but often the most daunting, this Force vs Time explainer will help you pinpoint where your stroke’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

“The ability to measure the forces and direction of forces that an athlete applies to the water is the holy grail of improving elite swimming performance.”

Ian Burns, Former Director of Applied Technology &
Innovation, Australian Institute of Sport.


Access your data anytime on both the eo SwimBETTER app or platform.

The eo SwimBETTER app

Track your progress on the go with full views of your historical swim data. You can also see an overview of key metrics for your favourite swims on your dashboard.
Download the eo app by clicking one of the icons below or search eo SwimBETTER in the App Store or Google Play.

The eo SwimBETTER platform

View your data in more detail on the eo platform with larger views of your charts. If you're a coach, or team admin, you can invite swimmers to join your team, split your team into squads, allocate swims in training to particular swimmers and keep track of their historical data. To access the eo platform, head to swimbetter.eolab.com and login with your eo Account details (email and password).




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Game Changer

“I'm a triathlon swimmer always on the look out for technique improvements since training hours are shared between swim, bike and run. This product is really an eye opener and something totally new for this sport. I was able to improve my stroke efficiency within just a few sessions by…”
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In the palm of your hand

“For 10 years I have been testing product innovations for Trimax Magazine, this one is definitely on the podium. (eo SwimBETTER) allows you to see the invisible, measure the unquantifiable, verify the hypotheses and confirm the progress. Hats off.”
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Recommends this product: Yes


Simon Billeau - Trimax Magazine

Great insights

“I've been using the SwimBETTER for six months now and I am very happy with this purchase. The tool is easy to use and barely noticeable during swimming.
I am an active triathlete and a licensed triathlon coach. While my technique is already decent the SwimBETTER helped me to detect…”
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Fantastic Device and Customer Service

“I'm having a blast going through all of the data that these sensors are picking up. The complexity was daunting at first and I had a few questions about how to interpret the results. Eo went above and beyond by meeting with me via zoom to go over everything step-by-step.…”
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Head Swim coach

“This is the product that swim coaches have been looking for. The easy to read data provides athletes and coaches the ability to make stroke corrections that can be tracked over time. This is also the first device I know of that targets both propulsion and drag while presenting the…”
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Great for new and masters swimmers

“I started swimming when i was 36 and one of my biggest frustrations is when a coach tells me I have to develop a feel for the water. With EO I can sheet and actually look at what my hands are doing to propel me forward with out years of…”
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Del Jackson

Triathlete approved

“This product has the potential to be a game changer for me. Taking swim vids is difficult to do on a regular basis and this product makes it easy to get detailed feedback after every swim. I'm stoked to get my coach's advice on fixing my deficiencies and getting one…”
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THE must have tool for swimmers & triathletes looking to improve swim technique!

“The data identifies areas of my stroke to improve = training focus = improving technique = less effort to swim faster! I love eo SwimBetter! Get these – don’t get left behind!
The eo SwimBetter handsets track every detail of your stroke, showing you the force distribution of your hand,…”
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A new way of looking at the stroke

“I’m very impressed with the eo SwimBETTER device. It opens up a whole new way of looking at the stroke. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Very insightful. It will open a new door for coaches and sports scientists towards optimizing the swimming stroke.”
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Sander Ganzevles

Insane data

“The data that I'm accumulating and analysing with eo SwimBETTER is insane. Who would have thought after all this time swimming at the highest level I'd be finding so many areas of improvement. If you're chasing better performances in the pool, I'd highly recommend the investment.”
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Kyle Chalmers, Olympic Champion, World Champion & World Record Holder

Limitless Potential

“I have been working with the team at eo for a while now as a coach and the data that I have been able get on my athletes has the potential to change the way we look at technical feedback for swimming into the future.”
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An explosion of data to analyse. Insights you never had before. Be careful!

“A truly ground breaking product capturing data you never had access to before.
It can be overwhelming at first and I was a little lost to begin with. I then began to chip away methodically at stuff - imbalance left versus right, flat recovery on one side not on the…”
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