PolarCap® by eo

Game-changing concussion recovery treatment

A world-first acute-stage concussion recovery treatment

PolarCap® by eo is designed to reduce exercise-induced elevated brain temperature, helping to prevent or reduce long-term cognitive issues following concussion.

Every year, countless athletes experience sports-related concussions. Physical activity can increase body and brain temperature up to 40°C or more. At elevated temperatures, the brain’s energy demand increases. If a concussion is sustained when an athlete has raised brain temperature, and consequently raised energy demand, it can lead to exacerbated brain injury and a higher risk of long-term complications including issues with memory, learning and balance, headaches and problems sleeping.

Therefore, quickly reducing brain temperature to a targeted range is key to an athletes recovery.

Controlled cooling of the head and neck

PolarCap® by eo is a non-invasive, portable cooling system that supplies controlled circulating cold fluid through a patented silicone-based headcap to accurately and reliably lower the exercise-induced elevated brain temperature of a concussed athlete. Treatment should begin as soon as possible – ideally within 15 minutes of injury or diagnosis – for at least 45 minutes.

  • Aims to reduce energy demand (metabolism) in the brain
  • Avoids the risk of shivering when compared to systemic cooling
  • Non-invasive surface technology
“I’ve been trialing PolarCap® by eo with my players at the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles for the past 18 months and one of the key benefits is the players are happy to use it because they feel the difference immediately after treatment.”

Dr Paul Bloomfield

Chief Medical Officer, Manly Warringah Sea Eagles & Medical Consultant, Rugby League Players Association

Clinically proven

A clinical study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma confirms PolarCap® by eo’s significant positive effect on concussed professional athletes – especially in reducing the risk of long-term absence. The five-year study was conducted by Lund University in partnership with the Swedish Hockey League (SHL).

Read the full study here


PolarCap® by eo is available to rent to clubs, teams and athletes in Australia.

Rental Period: Minimum 3-year initial period
Cost: A$10,200 per year

Additional Costs

Accessories Bundle: One-off cost of AU$2,200

All prices exclude GST.


PolarCap® by eo was originally developed by high-end Swedish MedTech company BrainCool. PolarCool was spun out of BrainCool in 2017 and after finalising the development is now the legal manufacturer of PolarCap® by eo. eo is proud to partner with PolarCool for the introduction and distribution of PolarCap® by eo in Australia.

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