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Choose your handset recording time

Already have access to a set of eo SwimBETTER handsets and just need a licence to record and store your data? You can skip straight to choosing your licence.

The ultimate powerhouse with up to 90 minutes recording time – best for swim teams and long distance swimmers. Secure yours with a 10% deposit.

Your perfect training partner with up to 15 minutes recording time - best for individual swimmers. Secure yours with a 10% deposit.

Choose your licence

If you would prefer to purchase your licence later, you can skip straight to your cart.

Your eo licence securely stores your data allowing you (and your coach) to access it any time from multiple devices:

  • Via the eo SwimBETTER App on your mobile phone.
  • Via the eo Platform on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

We’re covering the cost of the first six months of your licence. The first licence payment will be deducted from your nominated payment method at the end of the six-month free period.
If you need to change or cancel your membership, you can do so via your eo account.

Numbers of swimmers Monthly fee/Licence Annual fee/Licence
6-11 US$12.00 US$120.00
12-23 US$11.00 US$110.00
24-47 US$10.00 US$100.00
48-99 US$9.00 US$90.00
100+ US$8.00 US$80.00
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