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Concussions are common in contact sport – a key issue for sporting organisations, clubs, and players.

Fast, accurate diagnosis is critical to reducing the possibility of long-term damage. Unlike most other concussion assessment tools, eo NuroCHEK is a completely objective neurological biomarker. It doesn’t rely on subjective analysis or require the player to do anything other than put on a headset – meaning no one can change, or “game” the results of an eo NuroCHEK assessment.

eo NuroCHEK’s portability allows for the possibility of real-time assessments to take place field-side – with results in minutes.

It also makes ongoing assessment of players quick and easy for doctors – helping to inform when they can safely return to the sport they love. We’re at the frontline of accurate concussion diagnosis: minimising risk to players by improving diagnostic decision-making and providing extra information to doctors and greater peace of mind to players, families, teams, and coaches.

How eo NuroCHEK works

eo NuroCHEK uses Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (SSVEPs) to measure aspects of the brain’s electrical activity using an Electroencephalogram (EEG).

EEG’s have been used in concussion research for decades and eo NuroCHEK is cleared by the US FDA for use as an EEG. Research is now underway to secure FDA clearance as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of concussion. After FDA review, the next goal is to receive TGA clearance, anticipated in Q2 2024.

The NuroCHEK System is currently FDA cleared to record, measure, analyse, and display brain electrical activity through EEGs during the generation of visual evoked potentials.

Current model shown here

As easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. The eo NuroCHEK headset presents a visual stimulus of multiple flashing lights to the patient while the integrated EEG sensor captures the brain’s response.
  2. EEG data from the headset is transmitted to a Windows-based PC for real-time analysis by a trained physician. The test takes only 2 minutes.
  3. Data is simultaneously securely stored in the Cloud for remote assessment or future reference. This allows for review over a period of time and may help identify concerning numbers or patterns of concussion requiring more detailed specialist medical assessment.


Future model shown here

eo is being supported by Rugby Australia to conduct a study into the effects of fatigue, changes in blood sugar, lactate, hydration, and temperature to confirm there are no confounding factors at play that could affect the validity of an eo NuroCHEK reading.

A further research study began in April 2022 with adolescent rugby players from three Sydney schools. This is part of ongoing research projects to ensure the clinical usefulness of eo NuroCHEK in assisting medical staff and schools in their decision-making process regarding concussion diagnosis and return to learning and sport.

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eo NuroCHEK was developed in Australia by Headsafe. eo is proud to partner with Headsafe for the introduction and sale of eo NuroCHEK to the sport and military markets in Australia and New Zealand.

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